Back to the south moisture-proof strategy

Suddenly like night spring breeze to......

Yeah, that's scary

It makes you feel like you're in heaven

Back!!! The south! Day!

Here we go again

The south at this time

There was heavy fog outside and water on the walls inside

Returning to the south brings trouble

It's not about dry clothes anymore

It's all the furniture in the house

Back to the south moisture-proof strategyHow to do the problem of moistureproof processing!

Because the board of the cabinet is in be affected with damp hind may appear the circumstance that dilate is out of shape

And the cabinet is easy to accumulate bacteria mildew.

So as a style, feelings xiaobian

This time should give the friends of the south of course popularize furniture moistureproof small strategy.

If the cabinet, desktop and other water droplets and fog, to use a strong water absorbent soft cloth wipe.

In the corner of the wardrobe placed hygroscopic box or air desiccant, you can also take cheap dry tea wrapped in the newspaper inside, put in the corner of the cabinet, can play the role of moisture absorption in addition to taste, and no side effects on the human body.

Remember to close doors and Windows, especially cabinet doors. Live on a lower floor, if the humidity is too heavy, you can also turn on the air conditioner or dehumidifier to remove fog water.

Clothes that have not been completely dried should not be put in the closet immediately. They should be dried or blow-dried before being put in.

In addition to the above several moistureproof methods can be maintained, xiaobian feel that the choice of good household brand maintenance is more important than later.

Choose the plate product with superior moistureproof performance when domestic outfit. With good moisture-proof performance, more stability and heat resistance, without fear of weather changes of various tests.

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