Household colour is tie-in 3 kinds of universal formula

Saturation and brightness changes to reduce the color saturation has become a kind of gray tone is currently popular morandi color, gorgeous color becomes a simple elegant color, and often say lightness is difference from white to black, from light to dark, the difference between a bright high let a person feel relaxed lively, visual impact is strong, has the strength.

If the color difference is too large, people will feel stable when the brightness is close to them, while the sense of security will be destroyed when the brightness is far away, leading to chaos. This is the emotional value caused by the color.

The second decoration when the most common mistake is to match color color too much lead to visual burden.

Three all-purpose match color means can be considered in household decoration, to the small white that decorate for the first time it is relatively safe and comfortable.

Household colour is tie-in 3 kinds of universal formulaFormula 1: For example, reduce the light and shade relationship of your favorite color to form differences to match colors; It is a kind of match color that shows temperament most so, also most harmonious and reliable.

Formula two: choose a main color from the light color ring and use it on the wall in a large area, while the other two are auxiliary colors and adorn the furniture and soft decoration. It is still harmonious and there will be some changes.

Formula three is today's main two-color collocation, personally think is a very cool color matching method.

Half natural, half pink, half calm, half warm

Everyone's favorite color is not the same, some like bright, warm, but also like deep, steady

The safest color is white, a versatile color.

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