How does the sitting room coffee table size and color choose in the home?

First, the size of the coffee table

1, leisure coffee table size: the size of the general leisure coffee table is a bit larger is 1080*1080*480 size. This coffee table is big and elegant. First-class shape design, rich not show luxury, expensive not vulgar set, integration of rural and pastoral feelings, supplemented by just the right accessories, to create a comfortable, warm, colorful living space. Let tea and life harmonize. This leisure tea table.

2, solid wood tea table size: solid wood tea table size should not be too large general pay attention to its texture, because the texture of solid wood is very ornamental, in the appreciation of tea can also enjoy such as landscape painting in general solid wood tea table. The size of this solid wood coffee table is 1260*800*600mm. There is a partition above his drawer, which is convenient and practical. Every Angle of the coffee table is designed to be delicate, unique and classic.

3, small coffee table size: the size of the space is to consider the size and shape of the coffee table. If the space is not large, it is better to elliptic small tea table, soft modeling, 600*600*500mm size makes the space appear relaxed and without a sense of constraint. Although the size of the small coffee table is small, its shape is very unique, the line outline of the curve, color collocation is appropriate, not exaggerated noise, nowhere does not translate the fashion, high-profile, warm home life, novel style, fresh and refreshing.

How does the sitting room coffee table size and color choose in the home?4, the size of the coffee table: the size of the surface area of the coffee table is large, there is enough space to put a variety of products, but also need to pay attention to the gap between it and the ground to be able to hold your legs, 30-40cm height will be more appropriate, at least can let your legs can be comfortably placed under the coffee table. Living room Storage Your room is limited in size and lacks strong living room storage. The size of 1350*500*750 is relatively moderate and you can put things in the drawer of the coffee table.

Two, how to choose the color of the coffee table

Sitting room tea table is on color collocation, lively colour still is it is mainstream, transparent color also is in charge of one side alone with its simple, natural, chaste idiot-like, still have it is onerous white, black, cream-colored wait to still hold respective market.

The choice of tea table color is beautiful in order to combine host numerology likewise, ability is more conducive to host fortune; Numerology likes the person of wood, can choose the tea table of green series; Numerology likes the person of fire, can choose the tea table of red, purple series; Numerology like water, can choose black, blue series color; Numerology likes gold person, can choose white series; Numerology likes soil, can choose earthen yellow series, yellow and so on.

When match color, had better choose the tea table that fastes color with the furniture around, avoid jumping too big as far as possible. Be like red and green, black and the collocation style with obvious color contrast such as white, if apply well can present additional kind of effect, but have a bit unbecoming can appear tacky, because this does not choose easily the tea table of contrast lubricious. Tea table volume should not be too large, color can not be too deep, novel style is the best choice in the living room space, adjustable size, storage function strong tea table is better; The mainest is tea table carpet collocation harmony.

How much does tea table size generally? When buying a coffee table, it is best to choose the coffee table of corresponding size according to the size of the living room at home, especially if the living room is too big, it should not buy the coffee table that is too small. How does tea table color choose? When buying a coffee table, you can also pay more attention to its color, and choose the coffee table color echoed by sofa, curtain as far as possible.

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