How to decorate 70 flat small family more reasonable

Small family has now become the mainstream of big cities, after all, for tens of thousands of flat house prices, ordinary office workers want to buy a big family is more difficult, these years are not a few broken supply, so small family favored by office workers is beyond reproach.

Today xiaobian is going to say that a set of 68 flat small two houses, a line in the entrance hallway living room kitchen, north-south transparent, two bedrooms sandwiched between a toilet, how to install such a house. So how does such door install ability comfortable show large area to double? Listen to xiaobian to tell you!

How to decorate 70 flat small family more reasonableIt is kitchen and sitting room on both sides of the door, so shoe ark can be installed to the opposite completely, do a door that makes custom to arrive top shoe ark, can receive shoe namely so, also can become partition, had better do a space again among ok so still can put the small article such as a few keys.

Sitting room and dining-room are connected, because only 70 make the same score is less than, otherwise have no place to have a meal, the nest on tea table is worn afflicting, the floor had better be to make all spread space instant double. And small household TV background wall like this does not need too much to decorate, it is good to simply scrape a putty, if you feel too little storage, you can do the whole wall TV cabinet.

The balcony serves as recreational area, cannot waste, ark of integral be born is done on both sides much receive a function. The primary and secondary bedrooms can be decorated according to the regular moments, cabinets, beds can be put under.

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