What are the differences between ground and ground pressure walls

The way that toilet shop sticks ceramic tile has wall to press ground and ground to press wall two kinds, so what does the distinction that wall presses ground and ground to press wall have? Many friends say that they are not very clear, that's ok, let's take a look at the relevant knowledge.

One, the difference between the wall and the ground

1. Different installation methods

The wall presses the ground is to stick the wall brick first, depends on the ground local first empty, waits to stick the floor tile again. And ground pressure wall, it is to stick all wall brick to stick floor tile directly, one end of floor tile can cover wall brick. From the difficulty of construction, the wall is more complex than the ground.

What are the differences between ground and ground pressure walls2. Different problems of water seepage

Because toilet uses water more frequently, and water bead on the wall can flow along metope to go up floor tile. Because wall floor tile belongs to vertical state, the ground is not easy seep water. And the ground pressure wall, there will be gaps in the wall and ground junction area, and water drops on the wall slide, easy to infiltrate into the gap, resulting in water on the ground. But now wall seams will use caulking agent, so the seepage problem is relatively rare.

Two, toilet is good to press the wall or the wall is good to press the ground

Wall pressure than ground pressure wall has obvious advantages, but the difficulty of construction and cost of higher first. Because the word that uses land presses a wall, need to lay floor tile again after paving wall brick only, this shop sticks means to bricklayer master more convenient, need not whole so many working procedure, wall brick and floor tile all the way shop comes down, can save the time of the master. But the word that does so, waterproof performance can be poorer some, because bricklayer master has paved the ceramic tile of toilet whole wall, in the aperture that lays floor tile again does not plug into wall brick, can stick wall brick to reveal floor tile only.

And the wall of the toilet is easier to have water, choose the wall to press the ground, the water will naturally flow to the floor tile, and finally to the floor drain. Comprehensive analysis shows that wall compaction is more effective than ground compaction in reducing water into the dry gray layer inside the ceramic tile, the effect is more prominent. But before paving, we must communicate well with the decoration workers, otherwise we will basically use the way of floor pressure wall paving.

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