The study decorates what place cannot save money?

As for the many benefits of reading, ancient people have long had a classic saying: “there is a house of gold in the book, there are thousands of millet in the book.” Although the days of “reading only the sage book” seem to be far away from us. However, we can’t give up the good habit of reading. Reading is not only for college entrance, but also the key to cultivating sentiment and improving self-cultivation.

Consequently, make an exclusive study, appear important all the more. Study, can say muti_function area in the home, collect read, job, recreational and have a rest to wait for numerous function at an organic whole. However, the study decorates not be that kind simple on the surface.

Write on the front: ninety percent of the people who plan to decorate, are with the idea of saving money. After all, decorating can be an expensive expense. There’s no denying that decorating on a budget is a good idea. Just, save money to decorate also is to have skill. Once the wrong project is saved, it will bring many hidden dangers to the normal life after moving in. Study is decorated, what place cannot save money? Sound insulation is one thing. Main function is the study that reads, job, quiet is at least requirement.

The study decorates what place cannot save money?Furthermore, there is a higher need for quiet after work. Consequently, want to let a study have more quiet, besides be far from sitting room, kitchen on site selection besides, study sound insulation also is key. Study sound insulation, the window is preferred broken bridge aluminum window. Study curtain, also be sound insulation “gold auxiliary”, can choose according to dimensional size.

The plank that receives ark, hardware to wait, also be the project that the study cannot save money. Above all, bookcase is study indispensable receive method. Without the bookcase, the study will become disorderly. Secondly, we spend a lot of time in the study every day. Consequently, the choice of the material such as plank, hardware, it is the key that assures bookcase practical.

In the meantime, the study receives the environmental protection of the plank such as ark, floor, it is the safety that we stay in the study for long assures. So, the study uses plank, paint to wait, the proposal chooses product of tall environmental protection. It is worth mentioning that environmentally friendly products do not mean high prices. After all, formaldehyde-free materials don’t exist. The decoration material of environmental protection again, also can be affected by “superposition effect”. Study material, do not need to spend high price to buy environmental protection, multi-purpose the brand product that has quality assurance.

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