Can the ceiling only be painted white?

They say that decorating a house is like the second college entrance exam in your life. If the details are not made clear, it will not only affect the current quality of the house, but also leave security risks for the subsequent normal life. Just like the college entrance examination errors, in addition to affecting the current test results of this subject, but also on the overall score, and even the future career bring a chain reaction.

Therefore, during the new home decoration, the details are the key. Throughout the home renovation period, every project has a large number of details, common or critical, such as the whole house color scheme, electrical outlets. There may even be some seemingly mundane but crucial details.

The literal meaning of ceiling is simple — the place on the top surface of the interior of a building. It goes without saying that the area of the floor area is the area of the ceiling. Can see from this, the ceiling is in the home “force” have much powerful. Ceiling decoration is very simple, not the installation of all kinds of condole top, it is direct besmear brush paint or coating. A lot of time, the color of the ceiling that we see, it is cookie-cutter white basically.

Can the ceiling only be painted white?No matter the color of metope how flowery and colorful, ceiling like as always with white company. This time, somebody puts forward a question: can the ceiling brush white only? What about other colors? Can change, the key depends on the height. First, let’s look at the roots of the white ceiling brush. White is a versatile color in home decoration. The same is true for ceilings.

Say without exaggeration, the reason why the ceiling is brushed white, basically consider from dimensional vision feeling. Compared with the “color” gens, white can create a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. If the ceiling has color, at the same time color is deeper than metope and ground, live in such space for a long time, can have a kind “top-heavy” oppressive feeling.

Ceiling, and a chance to paint in other colors? The answer, of course, is industrial wind design. Because of the special decoration style, the ceiling is often painted black or gray. Double entry or villa carry empty sitting room, also can change color to the ceiling. Local ceiling brush other colors, the effect is also bar. Still have a bit, ceiling color is lighter than metope, ground, perhaps be the same as metope light color, also won’t appear “top-heavy” problem.

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