Decoration what design is money to buy lessons?

I don’t need to say more about how difficult it is to decorate. Do not say the budget is patchwork first, say the complex process that decorate, already let a person have a headache unceasingly. However, when I think about the life after moving in, I feel motivated to work hard again.

Did not decorate before, always listen to others say “decorate is bottomless pit”. No matter how much money is prepared in the early stage, you will spend it later. I didn’t believe it at first. I thought it was alarmist. Until their own home began to decorate, see every day to spend money such as water decoration budget, instant not calm. Think over and over, discover the source that budget often exceeds bid finally: besides oneself early days did not do budget besides, the design that still installed in the home is overmuch look useless.

Decoration what design is money to buy lessons?In short, you buy a lesson. Decoration what design is money to buy lessons? For instance open type receive ark. Undoubting, open mode receives all sorts of adornment that ark place shows, souvenir and album to wait, bring more attention to in the home really. However, with the function of “dust gathering place”, it is enough to keep you busy all day long.

All kinds of complex chandeliers, crystal lights, etc., are also the design of money to buy lessons. Undeniably, their existence, let the style in the home, rose more than one class. However, high power consumption, high cost, inconvenient maintenance and difficult cleaning are enough to keep most people away. Kitchen small double trough and hidden type trash can, also is the design that buys lesson.

After all, small double chamfer design, let wash pot to become a kind of difficult problem, especially small family model. Hidden garbage cans, which make the kitchen smell, exist in the home for a long time. The stage basin that gets famous with appearance level all the time, also belong to chicken rib design. Water is easy to splash out, there are health dead Angle and other abuses, immediately let people turn to the basin under the “embrace”. PS: The bar that can’t stretch legs at home = the design that pays for lessons.

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