How to design the side cabinet without passing the top?

Once there was a period of time, has been thinking about a problem: why their home, always so messy? I feel like I have to clean up every day, or I’ll turn into a pigsty. Until a chance, from a friend’s home to get the answer. Originally, his home is easy to chaos, the root is to go up in receiving. Compared with the custom cabinet of friends’ house, the finished cabinet of his house looks a little classy.

Needless to say, decorate commonly used finished product ark than the tradition, custom-made ark is increasing the advantage of the respect such as rationality of whole house receive, receive, can be called rolling. The cabinet at home, it is suggested to do more customization.

Eat edge ark, just as the name suggests it is dining-room that occupy the home, special a kind receives ark. The tradition that eat edge ark did not popularize is decorated, receive basically come true through mensal, make mensal is chaotic condition often. Of ark of eat edge appear, completely liberated mensal receive pressure. Considering the space utilization rate, storage rationality and larger storage, customized side cabinets will choose the top design.

How to design the side cabinet without passing the top?Just, someone feels the ark of eat side of top design, coping space takes inconvenience. How to design the side cabinet without passing the top? Top sealing plate is one move. Do not do the ark of eat side of top design, reduced receive not only, still let coping bare space, become the wholesome dead Angle in the home. Consequently, do not want to do the eat side ark that designs top, the problem that should solve above all, it is coping bare space. Daily hygiene, really tired.

Top sealing plate design, specially tailored for non – top storage cabinet. As the name implies, from the top position downward installation of a piece of plate size, color and material are appropriate, sealing the remaining space after the installation of the meal side cabinet. Although wasted a precious receive space, but solved eat side ark coping space exorbitant take inconvenience, and whole big board is easy to be out of shape wait for a problem.

It is worth mentioning that the food side cabinet after sealing board also has the effect of the top design, and the appearance is horizontal. Of course, if the height of the restaurant is enough, but also through the installation of the ceiling of the way, perfect solution to the problem of the top of the food side cabinet. If say ark of eat edge in the home is finished product ark, cannot solve wholesome dead Angle problem through sealing board or condole top. At this time, might as well cover a layer of membrane in the top space.

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