Should muti_function room kick crural line be done?

About decorate, always have countless things that make a person kink, differentiate to dimensional function especially. Perhaps “deep pockets” big family model does not have too much feeling, after all the dimensional area of the family, simply much to use up. “Although the sparrow is small, the five organs are complete” small apartment space, it has to face a series of problems caused by the space shortage.

In fact, small family space area is insufficient, there have been relevant solutions, such as making “one room multi-purpose” multi-functional room. As the name implies, it is one of them room, the design can develop the space that gives a variety of functions.

Skirting line is a common closing method of ground material and wall material. Because a lot of people are the first time to decorate, so all kinds of decoration knowledge reserve is insufficient. The understanding of the skirting line is limited to “hearsay”. Subconscious skirting lines seem to serve no purpose other than to protect the wall. Actually, play crural line can protect metope only not only this function, still can develop hide wire, hide gap and visual transition wait for a function, no problem occupy the home to decorate “artifact”.

Should muti_function room kick crural line be done?Generally speaking, in addition to the kitchen, toilet and other special space, the other space in the home have to do the skirting line. Should muti_function room kick crural line be done? Do it, and do it well. Since it is muti_function room, affirmation should give attention to both sides a variety of function area. There was a lot of people coming and going, and a lot of footwork.

The multipurpose room does not do the skirting line, may have to repaint the wall space in a few days. Even, the wall, the ground of the junction, will also become the impact of multi-functional room appearance level “slot point”. Consequently, the skirting line of multi-functional room must be done well. About the skirting line, the commonly used materials are mainly wood, PVC, metal, stone and ceramic tile. Among them, wood, ceramic tile use frequency is higher.

Skirting line, common height is 7 to 10 cm. Of course, there are other heights. Multi-function room skirting line, color selection is very key, usually with the door cover or ground/wall color color. Do not know how to match really, also can choose versatile color — white. Here to emphasize a point, do not recommend into the wall kick line. Horizontal slotting may cause security risks.

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