Decoration literacy of the wilderness cleaning

After the house is decorated, there will be a lot of dust generated in the decoration process indoors, and it is very troublesome to clean yourself. So now everyone will generally ask the cleaning company to do cleaning for the house. What is the process of clearing land and cleaning? What are the general charges?

First, what is clearing land cleaning

Open land cleaning is to point to bridal chamber to decorate commonly (stucco) hind for the first time cleaning, because this also says to decorate hind cleaning. After the house decoration or painting, the ground and wall brick will remain a lot of construction garbage and decoration garbage, such as: cement blocks, paint points (paint points), glass glue and so on, the cabinet inside and outside will be full of a layer of dust, glass will also leave a lot of paint points, cement blocks and other decoration garbage… All this rubbish and stains have to be cleaned in clearing, so clearing is a very hard, very complicated, very taxing job.

Two, when is the right time to clean the land?

Before spreading wooden floor above all, want oneself to sweep the ground of the room, basically be sweeping dust and dirt, after wooden floor has been spread in case, go above to take soil from seam in son.

Next, before installing ambry, want to clean the metope of the kitchen, spread brick after all, the thing that can have be bored with child powder and so on on the wall, install later the place that goes up ambry bad picked up.

After all the decoration is completed, before entering the furniture, find a regular cleaning company, clean the whole home.

Decoration literacy of the wilderness cleaningThree, the process of clearing land cleaning

1. First, clean up the construction and decoration waste left on the site;

2, and then use a high-power vacuum cleaner from top to bottom comprehensive vacuuming;

3, the glass window: wipe the glass frame with a towel, and then dip the water applicator with diluted glass solution, evenly smear the glass from top to bottom, there are stubborn stains with a shovel clean. Repeat the above process, then clean from top to bottom with a scraper. Wipe the water marks on the frame with a dry towel, and wipe the water marks on the glass with a leather.

4, toilet: adhere to the principle of top to bottom, first recognize the material of the toilet top, is PVC or aluminum plate or coating top. Then use different cleaning methods according to different materials. The wall that cleans toilet with board brush, the glue mark that emphasizes the gap of ceramic tile and the glue mark that remain on ceramic tile surface, coating spot. Clean the sanitary ware of toilet with towel, clean all kinds of faucet and pipe fittings with stainless steel cleaning liquid. Use the floor washer to clean the ground, especially the corners of the ground. Use the cleaning ball to remove the dirt and cement stains in the corners that can not be washed by the floor washer. After the final inspection without omission, wipe the faucet and other pipe fittings again with a dry towel.

5. Kitchen: Same as above. Attention: because the stainless steel pipe fitting in the kitchen is more, should be clean key.

6, bedroom and hall: the walls with a vacuum cleaner to do dust treatment, wipe lamps and lanterns, switch box, smoke exhaust, air conditioning port, exhaust vents, etc.

7. Door and frame: distinguish the material of the door, dilute it with professional detergent, and wipe it with a towel. The procedure is also from top to bottom, after folding the towel into a box, the top begins to wipe from left to right, there can be no omission, glue stains can be used to deal with glue remover; The program of the box with the door; There must be no omissions, no dead ends.

8, the cleaning of the ground: after all finished, is the cleaning of the ground, the ground should also be divided into materials, is wood floor, or ceramic tile, or stone, when distinguish between the choice of special cleaning agent after dilution, began to clean. The glue stains on the ground can be removed with blades, and the stubborn can be treated with glue remover; After finishing the last procedure, the foreman should conduct a comprehensive inspection and confirm that there is no left before evacuating the site.

9. Corner line: wipe it with a towel and remove all kinds of glue marks and paint points with a blade.

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