French pastoral decoration style elements

French pastoral style usually uses warm and simple colour and simple furniture, with respect to the traditional idea of nature as the design center, use the element that makes a person feel kindly, make the sensory effect that gives if mu Spring breeze.

1, French pastoral style of living room can be seen everywhere green plants, flowers and various colors of elegant cloth art.

French pastoral decoration style elements2, wild flowers are the best accessories of French pastoral style, can directly convey a kind of natural atmosphere, as if to be in direct contact with nature. Accordingly, the metope of lilacaceous metope of the elegant cloth curtain that the sitting room drops on windowsill, pink green, bedroom, same color is small broken beautiful home is worn and the curtain make French romance more show rich full figure.

3, you can use some decorative surprise decoration and decoration style coordination, such as French style commonly used porcelain trays, vases and clips.

4, French pastoral style for accessories requirements are more casual, pay attention to the sense of nostalgia, so there are stories of old things are the best decorations.

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