Can traceless hair extensions be washed by themselves

Hair extensions. This is also a way to make hair look good. This is what a lot of women are like, so traceless hair extensions can be washed by themselves? How do you wash traceless extensions?

Can traceless hair extensions be washed by themselves?​

Traceless hair extensions can be washed by yourself, see the following precautions:

1. Don't be lazy before washing your hair. You need to comb your hair. In the process of washing, do not use nails to grasp the hair, to rub your fingers abdomen hair, along the direction of the hair follicle press.

2. The water temperature of shampoo is about 38 degrees, and the temperature is too high to make the hair dry.

3, when blowing hair, we should pay attention to, can not use too high temperature blowing, more can not use too high temperature blowing hair extensions, too high temperature will reduce the viscosity of the adhesive at the hair extension manufacturer.

4. Don't spend a long time in the sauna. Braid your hair into a bun when you sleep or swim. This will take the pressure off your real hair and prevent it from falling out so easily.

How do you clean your hair without a trace?​

1. Comb your hair with an air cushion before washing.

2, the hair wet, wet with warm water, 38 degrees of water is about the same, the temperature is too high, the hair will become dry. Hair to all wet, not only wet a small piece, especially the scalp, to completely wet, scalp is the easiest to hide dirt. Then massage the scalp, which can promote blood circulation.

3, will shampoo bubble, daub on the hair, daub on the hair after, it is not hard to grasp with nails, to massage with the finger abdomen, take away the dust of the scalp and so on.

On the introduction of the traceless hair extension here, after all, the hair, cleaning is a bit of trouble, nursing hair or being patient.

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